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I take photographs clients during the deep breaths between moments of pandemonium -- the sleepless mother rocking her newborn, the business owner juggling infinite hats, the growing family jumping from couch cushion to couch cushion. As difficult as the passing moments of our lives can be, our heart still aches to hold onto them. I want to remind you how beautiful and precious your life is, especially when you’ve got the most on their shoulders

Life is chaotic, crazy, and emotional.

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During what can sometimes be a stressful experience, Heather made us feel so comfortable and helped us feel so natural throughout our session.

kind words


Forever thankful for you, the relationship we’ve built and how comfortable our family is with you!

kind words
kind words


I love our sessions and pictures every year, it always feels so easy, light, and fun. With wild kids, we walk away wondering if we even got a good one and you blow us away every time!

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